LK Chen Swords offers a collection of Chinese military sword recreations, 'The LK FIVE', two double hand swords and three single hand swords. 

LK5 are based on battle harden designs dated back more than 2,000 years, from the Warring State Period to the Han Dynasty, 315 BC to 220 AD.  This was the era when swords were used as a main battle weapon and the quality of Chinese swords reached its zenith.  

Chinese military swords were the world's earliest steel swords in use on a massive scale, pre-dated powerful Viking swords by 1,000 years and the knightly Medieval swords by 1,500 years. 

One 2,000 year old frontier outpost ledger recorded 99,950 Han Jian in storage, with a matching number of shields.  We cannot image how many Han Jian stored within the 18 feet thick walls of the royal armory in Chang An, the capital city.  

To this day, there are more Han Jian preserved than all the swords from later dynasty combined.  This wealth of real specimens enable us to conduct detailed research and recreate highly authentic military grade weapons.

LK5 showcase archetypical Chinese military swords, the state of the art in their time. The collection includes the longest Chinese double hand sword, the Striking Eagle, at 148 cm (4' 10.26").

LK5 features thick full tang, keen sharp blade, and authentic FLAT handle secured by pegs. The sturdy hilt construction ensures maximum durability and proper edge alignment during combat and cutting test. 

Scabbard has slim and tight fitted design true to the period. The solid  bronze fittings are replica of ancient pieces and precision cast by special bronze casting studio to recreate the effect of clay molded bronze fittings.

LK5 are recreations of military grade weapons. They are light, well balanced and have exceptional handling capabilities that you have to handle to believe and experience what warriors 2,000 years ago must have felt in their hands.  

LK5 are time machines in your hand.

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