Roaring Dragon

This sword is the enhanced version of the Magnificent Chu Jian.

Roaring Dragon is model after 2,200+ year old Chu double handed swords  The famous "Chu Long Sword", feared and respected in historical records. It was said  this type of long sword were handled as if it was a spear and it moved like a flying dragon. 


Blade only weight:  830 g (1 lb. 13.27 oz)

Sword only weight:  approx. 1134 g (2 lb. 8 oz)

Blade length: 100 cm (39.5"),  Tang length: 38 cm (15"),  

Total length: 138 cm (4' 6.3"),  

Gradual tapering

Width at hand guard: 30 mm,  Width at tip: 20 mm   

Thickness: 7 mm - 2.5 mm at the tip

POB:  approx.13 cm (5.1") from hand guard

Blade Profile: 8 surfaces shallow groove

Folded pattern steel: 1065 carbon steel + T8 tungsten-cobalt-vanadium high-speed tool steel. 

Superior heat treatment:  Hardness 55-58 HRC. Blade rebounds to true after 80-90 degree bending. Cut bamboo with ease.

Hand polish to mirror shine and keen sharp edge. 


Industrial grade precision case bronze fittings. 

The hand guard have classic Taotie Zoomorphic pattern. 

The pommel have beautiful concentric circular grooves, a signature of high status exclusive for king and nobility.


Ancient Chu Style thin edge and slim scabbard.  

Three layers of true lacquer applied on hard wood. True lacquer took at least 3 days to cure to a very stable protective layer that will last for years.  

The beautiful hand painted scabbard pattern is classic Chu phoenix motif in red, accented with yellow on black background.

Fit and finish

We perfected the fit and finish of our swords and the final assembly is meticulously performed by our senior craft masters.  It takes a skill craftsman one whole working day to assemble our sword to a precision fit.

BAMBOO CUTTING WITH striking eagle and roaring dragon

See the cutting power of Roaring Dragon

Chinese Double Hand sword techniques # 1

This first introduction illustrate different gripping method and signature techniques for Chinese Double Hand sword

Double hand sword application against pole arms

Later half shows long handle provides mechanical advantage in thrusting and blocking


Part 1 of 3

LK Chen on Chinese Double Hand swords

Part 2 of 3

As I urged on to seek my vanished dream.

Singer Gong Lin Na sang the Chu song "AS I URGED ON TO SEEK MY VANISHED DREAM" , accompanied by replica of 2500 years old set of chimes and bells.  Notice the color scheme of the set.  Red, yellow, black, gold, which LK Chen used for the Chu Phoenix motifs in Magnificent Chu Jian and Roaring Dragon.  The translation of the beautiful lyrics can be found below.


Qu Yuan - The great romantic Chu Poet

As I urged on to seek my vanished dream.


Swift jade-green dragons, birds with plumage gold,
I harnessed to the whirlwind, and behold,

At daybreak from the land of plane-trees grey,
I came to paradise ere close of day.

I wished within the sacred brove to rest,
But now the sun was sinking in the west;

The driver of the sun I bade to stay,
Ere with the setting rays we haste away.

The way was long, and wrapped in gloom did seem,
As I urged on to seek my vanished dream.


The dragons quenched their thirst beside the lake
Where bathed the sun, whilst I upon the brake

Fastened my reins; a golden bough I sought
To brush the sun, and tarred there in sport.

The pale moon's charioteer I then bade lead,
The master of the winds swiftly succeed;

Before, the royal blue bird cleared the way;
The lord of thunder urged me to delay.

I bade the phoenix scan the heaven wide;
But vainly day and night its course it tried;

The gathering whirlwinds drove it from my sight,
Rushing with lowering clouds to check my flight;

Sifting and merging in the firmament,
Above, below, in various hues they went.


斑陸離其上下 Above, below, in various hues they went.