For LK Chen sword, the most important test is the Handling test.  

LK Chen will judge if the recreation Jian performs with the same dynamic handling characteristics as the real Han Jian.  

Is it as light, as agile and provide the same kinetic feed back to the swordsman like the originals ?   

Physical property test such as Hardness test by cutting through metal wires, Elasticity Test as bending the blade 90 degree are also performed to make sure the blade met the stringent requirements of a battle Jian.  

Test cutting with bamboo and supported empty bottles are performed as well.


BAMBOO CUTTING WITH striking eagle and roaring dragon

Test the cutting power of the Striking Eagle and Roaring Dragon

THE strike across 2000 years - 穿越二千年的击刺

LK Chen yield his 2000 year old original White Arc and the new authentic recreation

Handling Test

Flying Phoenix Handling Test

Handling test

Flying Phoenix Handling Test

HANDLING TEST - White Arc at night

LK  Chen test handling of White Arc Han Jian at night

HANDLING TEST - Formidable White Arc in the dark

LK Chen test handling of White Arc Han Jian

Hardness test

Cutting metal wire is a challenging hardness test, a testament to the superior heat treatment of the blade.

Elasticity Test

Blade bounds back straight from 90 degree bending, another testament to the superior heat treatment.

Bamboo Cutting Test

Flying Phoenix going through bamboo like butter.

Cut empty bottle

Cut unsupported empty bottle using Flying Phoenix

Tip Sharpness Test

Pierce unsupported empty bottle using the Flying Phoenix

Cutting Unsupported bamboo

Magnificent Chu Jian cut unsupported bamboo


Magnificent Chu Jian cutting water bottle

Cutting water bottle using a very sharp Magnificent Chu Jian

Magnificent Chu Jian Sharpness test

Magnificent Chu Jian Paper cutting sharpness test