The Han Jian Code

Han Jian is considered to be the best Chinese Jian of all time.  Han Jian was the longest, lightest, perfect combination of reach and striking power and had exceptional blade quality.   The secret of Han Jian lie behind its simple look.  The design of blade was  very sophisticated and the length, width, thickness and tapering in width and thickness was carefully calibrated by the sword smiths 2000 years ago.  Nothing was written down of this design process and the design principal.  LK Chen spend over a few years studying real specimen to try to break the Han Jian code.

Access to perfectly preserved specimen is key

Here LK Chen is measuring an exceptionally well preserved specimen of 2000 year ofd Han Jian that worth 200,000 RMB or 30,000 USD.

To be able to handle real specimens of this calibre enable LK Chen to find out how the Han swords smith forged their famous Jian.