Flying Phoenix

is created based on classic Han Jian design and optimized to deliver the fastest and the most powerful "Thrust" and "Strike" sword technique.  

Flying Phoenix is considered by LK Chen to be his masterpiece and the foremost sword in the LK5 collection.


Blade only weight:  610 g (1 lb. 6.5 oz)

Sword only weight:  approx. 810 g (1 lb. 12.5 oz)

Blade length: 86 cm (34"),  Tang length: 20 cm (7.8"),  

Total length: 106 cm (41.8"),  

Slightly pronounced tapering

Width at hand guard: 32 mm,  Width at tip: 15 mm   

Thickness: 7.2 mm - 2.5 mm at the tip

POB:  approx.13 cm (5.1") from hand guard

Blade Profile: diamond 4 surfaces

Folded pattern steel: 1065 carbon steel + T8 tungsten-cobalt-vanadium high-speed tool steel. 

Superior heat treatment:  Hardness 55-58 HRC. Blade rebounds to true after 80-90 degree bending,  Cut bamboo with ease.

Hand polish to mirror shine and keen sharp edge. 


Industrial grade precision case bronze fittings. The hand guard is in the shape of spreading wing of a swift flying bird.


Ancient Han Style thin and slim scabbard.   

The beautiful scabbard pattern is classic Han swirling cloud motif in red on black background.

Fit and finish

We perfected the fit and finish of our swords and the final assembly is meticulously performed by our senior craft masters.  It takes a skill craftsman one whole working day to assemble our sword to a precision fit.

Flying Phoenix

The Agile Flying Phoenix - 4 SWIFT strikes in 1 second

LK Chen showcase the most agile sword of the LK5 - the Flying Phoenix

LK Chen Cut Bamboo with Flying Phoenix

LK Chen Cut 3" thick Bamboo with Flying Phoenix

Flying Phoenix Hardness testing

Superior heat treatment

Flying Phoenix piercing Han style steel armor

Test thrusting power of Flying Phoenix

Flying phoenix elasticity testing

Superior Heat Treatment - 90 degree bend rebound to true

Original detail specifications of the Flying Phoenix



After extensive research, precise measurements and actual handling of real specimens.  LK Chen integrated all the primary data and personal handling experience to come up with a Blade Design Specification for each of the Jian. Blade Design Specification  details the form and structure of the blade in terms of blade length, handle length, width at various part of the blade, the final target weight and where to start the tapering.  It also specify the type of steel to use, the hardness, elasticity and sharpness and what level of polishing and finishes required.   In addition to the blade design for the swords smith. LK Chen also come up with the design for the fittings for the bronze casting workshop,  And finally, the design of the scabbard and the hand painted pattern on the scabbard to complete the sword.