Handling a 2,000 year old Han Jian - the REAL WHITE ARC

'Test Drive' a 2000 old specimen to gain insight of the kinetic characters of Han Jian

While gathering detail dimensional data of Han Jian is important, data and measurement alone did not reveal the secret of Han Jian.  It is by using a real specimen, that one can start to get a sense of the handling characteristics of Han Jian.  How the Jian move through the air, how it give the swordsman feedback during different moves.  It is this kinetic sense of Han Jian, that completes LK Chen's research process.  It is with this first hand experience, that LK Chen can judge, whether the Jian that he design, at the end, have the same handling characteristic of a real battle Jian.  So you as the Jian owner, can feel exactly how Han warriors 2000 years ago, feel in the handling of the Jian.


Han military swordmanship

LK Chen has been practicing and researching Chinese ancient military swordsmanship for over a decade.  By combining information from historical text and stone carvings of sword play in Han tombs, and most importantly, by handling the real Han Jian,  LK Chen has developed a military sword system that most compliment the form and function of Han Jian.

THE strike across 2000 years - 穿越二千年的击刺