Double Dragons Sui Dao

Double Dragons Sui Dao was inspired by a  rare Sui Dynasty (581 - 618) Dao in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

Discovered in 1930 in a royal burial ground outside the Sui Dynasty capital city of Lo yang.

The Double Dragon Sui Dao is a very rare example of Sui Dynasty weapon and considered by many a National Treasure.   This Dao was brought to New York by the Japanese antique dealer Yamanaka Sadajirō and purchased by Irish American financier Clarence H. Mackay as a gift to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

Sui Dao preserved the classic tradition of the Han Dao with a Ring Pommel.   The exquisite ring pommel feature a "Double Dragons Chasing a flaming Pearl" motif, that was reserved for the Royal court and officials of senior standing.  The blade is straight, sturdy and designed for piercing heavy armor popular at the time rather than cutting soft targets.

The double hung scabbard fitting is based on the design of Iranian Sabers, showing the foreign design influence  coming through the Silk Road.  The double hang rings enable to Dao to hang horizontally from the body, making this Dao suited for horse riding, demonstrating the ascendance of heavy calvary at the time.


Blade only weight:  700 g (1 lb 8.69 oz)

Sword only weight:  approx. 1070 g (2 lb. 5.74 oz)

Blade Length: 80 cm (31.5")

Handle Length: 20.0 cm (7.9")  Extend Handle Edition

Handle Length: 14.5 cm (5.7")  Original Length Handle Edition

Ring Length: 5.8 cm (2.28")

Total Length: 105.8 cm (41.65") Extend Handle Edition

Total Length: 100.3 cm (39.53") Original Length Handle Edition

POB off hand guard: 12 cm (4.7")

Gradual tapering

Width at hand guard: 25 mm,  Width at tip: 19 mm   

Thickness: 7.0 mm - 3 mm at the tip

Blade cross section profile: straight with chisel edge

Blade length wide profile:  straight blade with round tip.  

Folded pattern steel: 1065 carbon steel + T8 tungsten-cobalt-vanadium high-speed tool steel. 

Superior heat treatment:  Hardness 58 HRC. Blade rebounds to true after 80-90 degree bending,  Cut bamboo with ease.

Hand polish to mirror shine and keen sharp edge. 


Industrial precision casting bronze double dragon pommel, cloud head shape hand guard. 

Solid brass for the rest of the fitting to give a subtle two tone effect.  


High quality ebony handle.  Furniture grade Rosewood scabbard. Create an understated but stunning contrasting effect.

Fit and finish

We perfected the fit and finish of our swords and the assembly is meticulously performed by our senior craft masters.  This Dao have 18 pieces of fitting and the assembly is complex. It takes twp whole working day for a craftsman to assemble this Dao.

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THE New York Metropolitan SUI DAO

LK CHEN BRING 1400 years old Sui dao back to lIFE

double dragonS sui dao - design details and test cutting