True Lacquer scabbard, aN unique work of Art

Each of our new LK Five swords features hand painted true lacquer scabbard.  Each LK5 is a unique work of functional art.

BAMBOO CUTTING WITH striking eagle and roaring dragon

Check out this great video

LK Chen SLICE 3" (9cm) thick Bamboo with White Arc (740 grams)

THE strike across 2000 years - 穿越二千年的击刺

LK Chen yield his 2000 year old original White Arc and the new authentic recreation

Chinese Double Hand sword techniques # 1

This first introduction illustrate different gripping method and signature techniques for Chinese Double Hand sword

Double hand sword application against pole arms

Later half shows long handle mechanical advantage in thrusting and blocking

Chinese Swords compare to Rapier

Skallagrim and Swordsage compare and contrast great Western and Chinese swords

LK Chen cut 3" (9 cm) Bamboo with Flying Phoenix (700 gram)

LK Chen Cut Bamboo with Flying Phoenix


Don't miss the testing start at 5:20 

LK chen's FIVE military swords [LK5] review

Check out this great video

Debunk the misconceptions about Han Jian

About Me

My Background


I have been practicing Jian for over a decade and come to the realization that Chu Jian and Han Jian were the most advanced battle Jian of all ages.  This prompt me to try recreate this glorious past to let it shine again.

My Medium


Steel, bronze, wood, fabrics and paint, are the medium where our craftsman recreate authentic historical  battle Jian.

My Inspiration


Han Dynasty was the zenith of Chinese Jian design and swordsmanship. It was a glorious era where people were proud of their swords.  It is my wish to rekindle this ancient swordsmanship tradition and to share it with the world.

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LK Chen swords